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Pilates Bands

Pilates bands (also called resistance bands / x-bands / dynabands) can be used for stretching, toning and strengthening muscles. They are inexpensive and versitile and can add variety to your usual exercises. Pilates bands come in different levels of resistance (light, medium, heavy) so they are suitable for rehabilitation work and beginners as well as those looking to add more intensity to their workout! The bands can be used in a range of ways allowing you to exercise your hips, thighs, waist, arm and stomach muscles safely and increasing (or decreasing) the challenge as you feel comfortable by simply adjusting the resistance.

Resistance bands are great to take with you when you are travelling as they are so light and portable and enable you to continue your exercise routine while you are away. The bands change the way an exercise feels by adding resitance and challenging your core muscles to stabilise you as you exercise. You can use the bands to replicate your favourite exercises at the gym or on a Pilates reformer
What band do I need?
·         You may want different levels of resistance for different parts of your body. Most bands are colour coded for different strengths
·         If you are using the band for rehabilitation you may want to use a light band - ask your physio for help if you are not sure
·         Most bands are made of latex. If you are allergic to latex, look for a latex free band
·         Make sure the band is a good length - 1.5m is long enough for most exercises
·         Attachable clips and handles are available to make the bands even more versitile
Looking after your band
Make sure you look after your band; heat and humidity can make the bands sticky and weaken them, eventually leading to small tears in the band. Store your band in a cool place away from direct sunlight and use talcum powder to stop the band from becoming sticky.
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